Six Days trip to Capital Beijing for Parents, NO suggesting Shopping, Just travelling ,Center China

Please bring your passport and luggage, and gather at the designated time and location notified by the travel agency. The tour guide will handle the boarding procedures for you.
Fly to Beijing. Beijing is the capital of our country and the political and cultural center with a history of over 3000 years. It is an ancient capital of eight dynasties and was once known as
For example, Beijing, Yanjing, Youzhou, Jizhou, etc., with a population of over 21 million and an area of 16000 square kilometers, it is the largest capital in the world in terms of area,
Equivalent to 6 Moscow, or 10 London, or 155 Paris, it has been rated as a first tier city by the World Urban Research Organization GaWC.
Flight to Beijing on

Day 1, arrange hotel check-in upon arrival in Beijing
Day 2 Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Military Museum, Forbidden City, shuttle bus service, Beihai Park √√√ Beijing
Day 3 flag raising ceremony, Badaling Great Wall, flying over the Great Wall 6D experience, bird’s nest water cube appearance, ice ribbon appearance √√√ Beijing
Day 4 Hutongyou, Shichahai, Gongwang Mansion, Temple of Heaven (including Echo Wall) √√√ Beijing
Day 5 Summer Palace, passing through Tsinghua University or Peking University, Yuanmingyuan √√○ Beijing
Day 6 Breakfast drop off, depart at Shenzhen Airport upon arrival. √ ○ The hotel is not starred
Gift: One bottle of water per person per day

Special meals: Beijing Roast Duck (one for each table, live films), Beijing Dumpling Feast, Beijing Suburb Spring Cake Potsticker

Consumption instructions
Including the first major entrance ticket to the scenic spot, excluding in park consumption. If needed, please pay, no need to pay, such as taking cable cars, electric scooters, small trains, boats, bicycles, etc
Watch performances, etc. If the consumption in the park is already included, it will be indicated in the itinerary. If it is not included, it will not be indicated. Please be aware.

Day 1: Entry City → Beijing

Beijing tour guide picks up the tour and arranges for all group members to stay at Zhefei, Lifeng, Quanji, Qiuguo, Jinshi Building, and Weiye
Na, Berman, Qingyuan Road Orange, Qingyuan Road Lifeng, Weilai Universal Studios, Guiyue Hotel, Ibis Joy City Store, Yicheng Joy City Store
Business standard hotels such as Shanshui Fashion Hotel or the same level (hotels are not star rated). 【 Friendly Reminder 】: Beijing has a large temperature difference between day and night, and a dry climate. Please adjust your clothes according to the weather conditions and drink plenty of water.
After breakfast at the hotel, proceed to visit:

Tiananmen Square Tour: 1 hour. The world’s largest city square, with an area of 440000 square meters, is equivalent to 5 Moscow Red Square,
The square can accommodate one million people for a grand gathering, with the national flag pole, the Monument to the People’s Heroes, the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, and the Zhengyang Gate facing south,
On both sides, there are the Great Hall of the People, National Museum, National Grand Theater, Railway Museum, etc. To the north, passing through Chang’an Street is the Tiananmen Gate Tower.
The famous May Fourth Movement and the December 29th Movement in history all took place here, which is an eternal monument in the hearts of the Chinese people.

[Chairman Mao Memorial Hall] Please queue up to pay tribute to the remains of great figures. Please remain solemn and not joking. Photography, cameras, mobile phones, and iPads are not allowed in the memorial hall
It is not allowed to be brought in. Please leave these things to the tour guide for safekeeping. At present, Mao Ji has daily traffic restrictions and requires an appointment to enter and visit,
If the appointment is unsuccessful or if it is closed due to policy reasons and changed to appearance, no compensation will be given.

Visit to the Military Museum: 1.5 hours. The Military Museum is the only large-scale military museum in China, a deputy military level unit, under the jurisdiction of the General Political Department,
Named by Chairman Mao, it is a masterpiece presented to the capital on the 10th anniversary of the National Day. The entire museum has 22 exhibition halls and 2 exhibition squares, with a collection of over 340000 yuan
There are 250 cultural relics, including 250 large weapons, including copper gilded crossbows, Zhenyuan ship iron anchors, Ye Ting command knife, and the first tank, all of which are heavy
There are eight exhibition halls, including the Anti Japanese War Museum, the Liberation War Museum, the Korean War Museum, the National Defense Achievement Museum, and the Weapons Museum, as well as a large number of historical relics.

Day 2: Beijing

Tour of the Forbidden City: 3 hours. The Forbidden City, also known as the Forbidden City, is the world’s largest ancient palace complex and the stage of the 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties
The central center for the life of ancient emperors and the handling of national affairs, containing countless priceless cultural relics and treasures, is also the place where the Ming and Qing dynasties had the most ancient costume TV dramas filmed,
Special visits were made to the Kangshou Palace where Empress Dowager Zhen Huan lived, the Cining Palace where Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang lived, and the Yanxi Palace where Empress Wei Yingluo lived.
Special reminder: The Forbidden City’s current restrictions do not guarantee absolute ticket availability. If you do not make an appointment, you will receive a refund of one for one, with a total refund of 120 yuan per person for 60 yuan plus 60 yuan.
【 Beihai Park 】 Tour: 1 hour. Coming out of the Forbidden City and slowly strolling to Beihai, this used to be the emperor’s private imperial garden, but now it is the office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
The backyard of Zhongnanhai is the closest place to the heart of our motherland. Do you remember this song: “Let’s row our oars, the little boat pushes away the waves”, North
The sea is the original site of the song “Let’s Shake Our Paddles”, where you can still enjoy the beautiful White Pagoda and the famous Nine Dragon Wall.
Stay overnight as above. [Kind reminder]:

  1. Today we are visiting the central area of the capital city, where many roads are restricted and no parking is allowed. There are many walking options, so please be prepared
    Wearing a comfortable pair of flat heels when going out.
  2. After leaving the Forbidden City, arrange for sightseeing buses to shuttle and deliver to tourist buses or dining locations to avoid walking fatigue.

Day 3: Beijing

It is a 70 kilometer journey to the Great Wall. To avoid traffic congestion, it is necessary to wake up early and pack breakfast.

Flag raising ceremony tour: 0.5 hours. Watching the national flag team make a grand appearance in a neat and uniform manner, singing the national anthem with the crowd at the scene, and visually observing the five stars
The red flag rises solemnly, tears welled up in my eyes, experiencing a strong patriotic passion on site, enhancing national pride and patriotism, and loving China!

Tour of the Badaling Great Wall: 2 hours. The Badaling Great Wall is majestic and steep, known as the “Yuguan Tianjian” and is the most typical representative of the Great Wall spanning thousands of miles,
As the top ten scenic spots in China, it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This world-renowned tourist destination,
It is the Chinese tourist attraction that receives the most foreign heads of state and international friends. Chairman Mao once wrote, “If you don’t reach the Great Wall, you’re not a hero.” In August
On the Great Wall of Daling, there is a “hero slope”, which is a target destination for tourists to climb. On major festivals, the scenic area will also hold a light show performance.

【 Flying Over the Great Wall 6D Experience 】 Tourists sit on the experience chair, with a large screen in front playing a video of flying over the Great Wall. The experience chair will accelerate with the angle of the video
The Great Wall stretches from the old dragon head of Shanhaiguan to Jiayuguan in Gansu, with a forward tilt and backward tilt in response to changes in temperature. In an eight minute experience, you can see the entire length of the Great Wall, from the old dragon head of Shanhaiguan to Jiayuguan in Gansu,
The total length of the Great Wall is over 10000 kilometers, and the scenery can be enjoyed every season, making it a magical 6D experience that is very exciting and enjoyable.
Special reminder: The experience of flying over the Great Wall is very good, but tourists with heart disease or high blood pressure are not recommended to participate. Tickets can be refunded by 15 yuan per person.

Tour of Olympic Park: 1 hour. The Beijing Olympic Park is the largest comprehensive sports park in Asia and was built in 2008 in Beijing
The venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games is the famous National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, National Aquatics Center “Water Cube”, and Pangu Seven Star Hotel,
Arrange external photos as a souvenir. The multifunctional broadcasting tower (Linglong Tower) is an iconic landscape that appears particularly beautiful and eye-catching against the backdrop of the Olympic rings.
【 Friendly reminder 】: If the Olympic Park Bird’s Nest Water Cube is closed, it will be changed to the appearance of the CCTV building and the World Trade Center

Appearance of Winter Olympics Speed Skating Gym Ice Ribbon. The Winter Olympics Speed Skating Gymnasium, also known as the “Ice Ribbon,” is located in the Olympic Park and will be held in Beijing in 2022
The only newly built ice competition venue for the Winter Olympics has produced a total of 14 gold medals. The design concept of “Ice Ribbon” originates from the creativity of ice and speed,
The 22 ribbons symbolize speed and passion, resembling the traces of athletes sliding over. The Winter Olympics speed skating rink is open to the public and can accommodate speed skating, figure skating
Ice hockey, curling, and other ice sports. The ice temperature difference on the speed skating track does not exceed 0.5 ℃, allowing you to experience the world’s fastest ice.
Stay overnight as above.

Day 4: Beijing
After breakfast at the hotel, proceed to visit:

Beijing Hutong Tour: 1 hour tour, excluding taking a tricycle. Hutong is a unique traditional architecture in Beijing, and visiting Hutong is a way to understand the traditional culture of Beijing
An in-depth experience of culture and customs. Strolling through the mottled years of history, admiring the courtyards worth over 100 million yuan and listening to Kan Ye’s lectures
The story behind it, understanding the meaning of matching ancient households, the importance of matching residences and identities, as well as interesting anecdotes about royal officials.

Shichahai Tour: 1 hour. Shichahai is connected to the waters of Zhongnanhai, and the scenic area is beautiful, known as the “water town of the north”. famous
The “Brief Scenery of the Imperial Capital” praises the charm of Shichahai with the phrases “West Lake in Spring, Qinhuai in Summer, and Dongting in Autumn”. Since the Qing Dynasty, it has become a place for leisure and summer relaxation,
One of the scenic spots in Yanjing. There are many ancient buildings around Shichahai, which is the most well preserved historical and cultural district in Beijing.

Visit Prince Gong’s Mansion for 1.5 hours. Gongwang Mansion is the most well preserved royal mansion building in China, originally the luxurious residence of Emperor Qianlong’s favored minister Heshen. Jiaqing
When the emperor raided his family, he found that the family’s wealth was worth about 800 million taels of silver, which was equivalent to the income of the Qing Dynasty for 15 years. Therefore, there is a saying that “Heshen fell, Jiaqing was full.”.
The design of Prince Gong’s Mansion follows a layout of three roads, east, west, and east. The main buildings include Yin’an Hall, Jiale Hall, Jinsi Nanmu Hall, Baoguang Room, and Ledao Hall. In the late Qing Dynasty,
Prince Gong Yixuan became the third generation owner of the mansion and changed his name to Prince Gong’s Mansion, which has a historical evaluation of “a Prince Gong Mansion, half of the history of the Qing Dynasty.”.

Tour of the Temple of Heaven with Echo Wall: 2 hours. The Temple of Heaven is the world’s largest ancient sacrificial building, where emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties worshipped the heavens and prayed for favorable weather conditions
The five grains are abundant, and the architectural pattern is round in the south and north, symbolizing the “round sky and round place”. The Temple of Heaven is a general term for the two altars of the Round Hill and the Prayer Valley, with two walls and a shape
The main buildings inside the Chengnei Altar include the Yuanqiu Altar and the Imperial Vault, while the main buildings inside the Qigu Altar include the Qinian Hall, Huangqian Hall, and Qinian Gate.
The Echo Wall is the wall of the Imperial Dome, which is smooth and conducive to the transmission of sound waves. One person stands against the wall, talking to the wall, while the other person is 200 meters away
By the wall, no matter how low the voice is, one can still hear it clearly, creating a mysterious atmosphere of “heaven man interaction”.
Stay overnight as above.

Day 5: Beijing
After breakfast at the hotel, proceed to visit:

Summer Palace Tour: 2 hours. The Summer Palace is the largest and most complete royal garden in China, known as the “Royal Garden Museum”, and is situated in close proximity to Chengde
Summer Resort, Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lingering Garden are called the four famous gardens in China and are listed in the The World Heritage List. The Summer Palace was originally built by Emperor Qianlong as a place of filial piety
The building was built with 4.48 million taels of silver, and later Empress Dowager Cixi diverted 6 million taels of naval funds to rebuild it. It has mountains and water, and the carving of dragons and painting houses is extremely exhausting
Luxury. Famous attractions include Kunming Lake, Seventeen Arch Bridge, Wanshou Temple, Buddha Fragrance Pavilion, Leshou Hall, Tingli Hall, Yulan Hall, Qingyan Fang, etc.

[Passing through Tsinghua or Peking University] Stop: 0.5 hours. Tsinghua University and Peking University are key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of the Communist Party of China, enjoying a high reputation in China,
Ranked first in the “985 Project” and “211 Project”, it has cultivated many outstanding talents and enjoys a certain level of international recognition, making it a domestic academic institution
Universities where students are eager to apply. Due to the suspension of tourist reception by the school, photos can only be taken in front of Tsinghua or Peking University gates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Yuanmingyuan Tour: 2 hours. The Old Summer Palace is known as the “Garden of Ten Thousand Gardens”. It was built by the emperors of the Five Dynasties of the Qing Dynasty and took more than 150 years to complete. It gathers
The world’s treasures and essence of gardens are a magnificent art treasure house. The Emperor of the Qing Dynasty came here every summer, so the Old Summer Palace is also called “Summer Palace”.
The Old Summer Palace was looted by the British and French forces in 1860, marking a catastrophe in the history of human civilization. The former site is now the Old Summer Palace ruins.
Stay overnight as above.

Day 6 : After breakfast, fly back to the outbound city

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