Hunan, Changsha, Shaoshan, Zhangjiajie, Wanfu Hot Spring Ice Spring World, Forest Park, Tianmen Mountain (glass walkway), the world’s first glass bridge in the Grand Canyon, Eternal Love Theme Park+large-scale singing and dancing performance, and five-day tour of Phoenix Ancient City

Day 1: Port of Entry – Changsha (High Speed Rail)

Take the high-speed rail to Changsha upon entering the city, pick up the group, take the bus to the city center, check into the hotel, and then take a self guided tour of the city, enjoying the stunning night view of the Star City at night.

Day 2: Changsha Shaoshan Zhangjiajie Wanfu Hot Spring Ice Spring Water World

After breakfast, take a car to the place where the red sun rises – AAAA Shaoshan (starting from October 20, 2016, Shaoshan implemented a scenic area transfer environmental protection car fee of 20 yuan/person as a gift): Shaoshan is the hometown of Mao Zedong, the great leader of all ethnic groups in China, and also the place where he lived, studied, worked, and engaged in revolutionary activities during his youth. It is a famous revolutionary memorial site in China, a national patriotic education base, a national key scenic spot, and an excellent tourist city in China. Come to Shaoshan, pay respects to the great statue of Chairman Mao, listen to the great achievements of Chairman Mao throughout his life, and visit the Former Residence of Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao’s Former Residence is a free tourist attraction that requires a random appointment. If the appointment is not successful due to scenic reasons, it will be changed to the appearance without any refund, and complaints about this project will not be accepted. Please understand and cooperate): Experience the “East is red, the sun is rising, and China has produced a Mao Zedong. Comrade Mao Zedong, as a great historical figure, belongs to China and also to the world.”. Take a car to Zhangjiajie and enjoy the scenery of the 800 mile Dongting Lake Plain along the way. Arrive at Wanfu Hot Spring Ice Spring Water World: Taking advantage of the situation, 199 different styles and effects of cold springs and ice spring soaking pools are embedded in the original tree shade flowers and plants, fully utilizing the pure air and unique fragrance, perfectly combining ice spring health preservation with forest oxygen bars. The scattered ice springs are like pearls, dense like fairyland, and you can join in the original ecological landscape, listen to the forest and pine, insects and birds singing, bathe in the essence of nature, breathe the spirit of heaven and earth, enjoy the integration of heaven and man, bathe in hot springs in a completely private space, and enjoy the distant realm of physical and mental purification. A super large independent courtyard is built to create a private world, fully integrating the original soup health experience with natural scenic spots. The six seat soup house can be said to be extremely rare.

★ Warm reminder:

  1. Due to traffic restrictions near Changsha Railway Station, buses are unable to pick up guests at the hotel entrance. It takes about 5-10 minutes to walk to the gathering point, and some tourists may experience brief waiting times. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  2. The Shaoshan tour guide will recommend a flower blue to the chairman for a fee of 10-20 yuan, which is purely based on personal beliefs. We do not accept any complaints in this regard, and the customer is solely at their own discretion; Starting from October 20, 2016, Shaoshan implemented an eco-friendly transportation fee for scenic spot transfers, with a fare of 20 yuan per person as a gift (no refunds for free transportation).
  3. The ticket to Zhangjiajie Wanfu Ice Spring · Water World, a national AAAA level scenic spot, includes the following service items: 1. Mid mountain forest hot spring 99 soaking pool; 2. Wave pool; 3. Three color slide; 4. Spiral slide; 5. Tunnel rafting; 6. Swimming pool; 7. Parent child playground; 8. Free cinema; 9. Fitness room, billiards, table tennis; 10. Dry steaming; 11. Adult SAP pool; 12. Stone bath; 13. Children’s play pool; 14. Self service free fruit drinks; 15. Couple shed; It is recommended that each person bring their own swimsuit before traveling.

Day 3: Zhangjiajie – Forest Park – World’s First Glass Bridge in the Grand Canyon – Eternal Love Theme Park+Large scale Song and Dance Performance

After breakfast, go to China’s first national forest park – Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (the first entrance ticket is already included), take a stroll in the oxygen bar, and fully enjoy the pure air with 100000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. Appreciate the most beautiful canyon in China – Jinbian Creek (tour time of about 1 hour). The cedar forest is quiet, and you can breathe through the peaks, valleys, and clouds. The stream water is clear and clear, and people walk along the clear stream, which is like a midstream painting; Afterwards, head to the core scenic area of Yuanjiajie (the cost of commuting by Xiaojiao Bailong elevator in the scenic area is 130 yuan/person included): visit the location of the outdoor shooting of Avatar – Hallelujah Mountain, and explore the mysterious and unpredictable world of floating mountains and scattered stars in the film and television Avatar; Visit the breathtaking aerial scenery such as the misty clouds, towering peaks, majestic enchanting platform, and the First Bridge under heaven. After lunch, take a car to the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon to visit and experience the “Ten Thousand Gold One Character Naming” and the “World’s tallest and longest” Zhangjiajie World’s First Glass Bridge (including glass bridge tickets): the bridge is about 400 meters high, 370 meters long, and 6 meters wide, all made of 99 pieces of transparent glass, creating many of the world’s best. Here, the sky is blue, clouds are white, mountains are green, small bridges, flowing water, stone paths… Experience excitement, be intoxicated with magic, witness miracles, and shine together to create the most beautiful garden. Visiting experience [Zhangjiajie Eternal Love Theme Park]: It is built by Song Cheng, the world’s best performing artist, and is located in Wulingyuan National Scenic Spot Scenic Spot, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie. It reproduces the history, culture and ethnic customs of Zhangjiajie for thousands of years. The old and young enjoy together. It is suitable for rain or shine. The giant statue of Eternal Love Goddess is magnificent, and it is the embodiment of true, good and beautiful children in Hunan. The nearly 10000 square meters of tourism complex has dozens of children’s amusement, such as jungle adventure, merry go round, naughty fort, bumper car, etc. It is the ideal place for parent-child interaction, and the movie of river picture on the Qingming Festival Museum, Ghost House, Chiyou Storm Hall, Strange Street and other high-tech experience projects are full of surprises. Tujia Brocade, Xiang Embroidery, Nuo Opera Mask, Sugar Painting, Da Ciba Gathering in pottery workshops and other intangible cultural heritage sites, as well as handicraft workshops, one can experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage culture up close; Appreciation of Zhangjiajie’s Eternal Emotional Song and Dance Performance: It condenses Zhangjiajie’s billions of years of history, culture, and legends, divided into performances such as “The ever-changing world”, “Wuling Fairyland”, “Legend of Tianzi Mountain”, “The past of a small town”, and “Under the Horse Mulberry Tree”. Hundreds of actors passionately perform, and more than ten thousand dance platforms mechanically ascend to the sky and earth, providing a visual feast and soul shaking experience.

★ Reminder: 1. Transportation – After entering the scenic area, free eco-friendly vehicles within the scenic area will be used to provide services between the attractions. It is not a one-on-one vehicle for each group, and a group may not be able to take the same eco-friendly vehicle to the scenic area. There are many tourists in the scenic area, so please make sure to meet at the designated location by the tour guide, do not wander, and do not lose your belongings on the eco-friendly vehicle; There are many tourists during peak season, and queuing situations may occur from time to time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  1. Clothing category – Zhangjiajie is mainly mountainous. For the convenience of traveling in mountainous areas, please wear flat heels. It is recommended not to wear skirts and bring rain gear, sun hat, film, and other items.
  2. Safety category – There are many monkeys in the scenic area, please do not approach the monkeys up close, and do not touch wild animals on the mountain to avoid injury incidents. There is a large temperature difference between morning and evening. Please carry thick clothes with you according to the weather forecast for that day, so that you can add them at any time. Please do not climb freely within the scenic area.
  3. If the core scenic area encounters peak hours, there may be a large queue of environmentally friendly vehicles, elevators, etc. Please cooperate with the tour guide’s arrangement and try to avoid peak hours as much as possible;
  4. The Glass Bridge Scenic Area is scheduled to enter in different time periods. Please cooperate
  5. Glass Bridge is a real name ticket booking system: adults can enter with a second-generation ID card, and discounted individuals can enter with valid identification documents.
  6. The Yuntiandu Glass Bridge is a complimentary attraction that does not include any refunds. This attraction has some special characteristics and can only be experienced on the bridge if the guests have both physical and psychological qualities. As the glass bridge deck can accommodate up to 800 people per visit, the tourist list and full ticket payment must be submitted five days in advance. If it is impossible to visit the bridge due to scenic reasons, it will be replaced with an AAAA level scenic spot called Huanglong Cave. The cost will not increase or decrease.

Day 4: Zhangjiajie – Tianmen Mountain (glass walkway) – Phoenix Ancient City

After breakfast, visit the Tujia Ethnic Essence and Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition Center – “Impression Zhangjiajie Local Specialty Supermarket”. The center covers areas such as Tujia traditional culture, Zhangjiajie characteristic pure natural plant research, and Zhangjiajie characteristic mineral and rock applications; Afterwards, go to Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park and visit the AAAAA Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area: visit the Biye Yaotai, Seeking Immortals Wonderland, and Tianmen Cave Scenic Area, experiencing the heroic feeling of “clouds at your feet, peaks at your fingertips, and everything in sight”; Observing the Five Wonders, Tianmen Cableway: The cableway has a slanted length of 7455 meters and a horizontal height difference of 1279 meters between the upper and lower stations. It is the world’s longest single track loop detachable cable car style cableway for high-altitude passenger transportation; [glass walkway]: This glass walkway that makes people’s legs soft gives people a thrill; 【 Tongtian Avenue 】: The winding mountain road, known as Tongtian Avenue, has a total of 99 bends. The “Number One Highway Wonder in the World” has emerged, with a vertical height difference of about one kilometer; Tianmen Cave Opening: It is a rare high-altitude karst cave that climbs up to Tianmen Cave with ninety-nine steps; Ghost Valley Plank Road: The total length of the plank road is 1600 meters, with an average elevation of 1400 meters. The entire line stands in the middle of a ten thousand foot cliff, giving people a feeling of undulating and stretching together with the cliff. Take a full high-speed ride to AAAAA Phoenix Ancient City: If the phoenix during the day is a simple and beautiful Miao woman, then the phoenix at night is a passionate and generous Xiangxi girl. Standing on the banks of the Tuojiang River, it feels like being in a world of lights and a sea of songs. After dinner, feel the warmth and romance of the ancient city under the neon lights, and a beautiful encounter awaits you.

★ Warm tips: 1. In case of force majeure factors such as heavy snow or ice, the glass walkway in the scenic area is closed, and we will not be responsible for the failure to visit normally;

  1. Special note: As Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area is the most popular tourist attraction in Zhangjiajie, there is a daily ticket quota limit, and advance real name booking of tickets and travel time periods is required. The scenic area is divided into 1 and 2 online and offline routes to divert the crowd. The 1 route is (on the cableway – off the environmental protection vehicle) or (on the environmental protection vehicle – off the cableway), and there are two types of travel methods; There are three types of travel options for the second line: (on the cable way – off the cable), (on the cable way – off the cable), or (on the cable – off the cable). The travel options will be arranged by the scenic area according to the actual situation at that time. Our travel agency does not accept complaints about long queue times or different reservation routes for the Tianmen Mountain scenic area. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  2. From Tianmen Peak to Tianmen Cave (Tianmen Mountain escalator is 35 yuan/person/section free), you can freely choose to take it. Tourists on the boardwalk are required to wear shoe covers (shoe covers cost 5 yuan/person as a gift) to keep the glass bridge transparent and clean.
  3. Due to traffic restrictions, tourist vehicles in Fenghuang can only park at designated locations and need to walk to check into the hotel.

Day 5: Phoenix Huaihua Guangdong (High speed Rail)

After breakfast, visiting the Phoenix Ancient City, once praised by the famous New Zealand writer Louis Ellie as the most beautiful small town in China – [Phoenix Ancient City] (with a complimentary sightseeing tour of the ancient city and a Phoenix shuttle bus, excluding small attractions that require additional payment within the ancient city, for free sightseeing): Phoenix can also be called the Border City, which is the hometown of Shen Congwen, the “father of local literature” in the world. Walking along both sides of the Tuo River, admiring the leisurely Tuo River water and the elegant hanging foot towers, a feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle arises naturally. Watching the Miao family’s ginger candy and silver jewelry production process, appreciating the Shawan hanging corner tower and the filming site of the movie “Xiangxi Anti Banditry”, that is… The water of the curved Tuo River, a stack of verdant peaks, a trail of stone roads, a row of stilted buildings, a wind and rain bridge, and a group of cultural figures have left countless people dreaming and haunting their souls. Take a car to Huaihua, take the high-speed rail back to the departure port at the designated time, and end the pleasant journey upon arrival.

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