3 Days to Luofu Mountain Scenic Area, Aerospace Agricultural Science and Technology Ecological Park, Xinmin Haustatt Town, Xiangshui River Rafting, Xu Ri Ancient Village, Boluo Huizhou , Guangdong Provice, South China

Highlights of the Trip

1.Zhonghai Hot Spring Resort: nestled in the mountains and by the water, with a unique natural landscape of “one lake, two rivers, and five mountains”
2.Luofu Mountain Scenic Area: one of the four most famous mountains in Guangdong, known as “the First Mountain of the Lingnan”
3.Guangdong Aerospace Agricultural Science and Technology Ecological Park: aerospace seasonal flower sea, agricultural science wonders, and an agricultural park – the Aerospace Agricultural Ecological Park
4.Xuri Ancient Village: a model of Lingnan ancient residential architecture and the first ancient village in Luofu
5.Quality Pure Play: no shopping throughout the trip, pure play and free, enjoy a worry-free journey and have fun on the trip. The garden is filled with a dazzling array of flowers, each one emanating its own unique charm.
Agricultural Wonderland
The main attraction of the garden is a display of 1,994 exotic plant varieties from nature. It features several functional zones, including a hydroponic vegetable display, a sky garden, a desert plant area featuring carnivorous plants, aquatic plants, exotic flower plants, a Luofu Mountain medicinal herb area, a special fruit and vegetable area, and a plant maze.
Agricultural Grand View Garden
The exhibition hall of the Agricultural Grand View Garden, a model of the Space Agriculture Grand View Garden, showcases the remarkable achievements brought about by China’s modernization drive. Visitors are inspired by the exhibition and learn about the importance of self-reliance and hard work. They feel proud and happy about the progress of their country.
Intelligent Glass Greenhouse Exhibition Hall
One ring is centered around the multi-tiered pot cultivation in the greenhouse. Another ring is a circular scenic route featuring vegetable and flower cultivation in the greenhouse. A belt is a vegetable trellis planting and sightseeing belt. There are 18 planting techniques, including the Rotary Rain Irrigation Cultivation Area, wall cultivation area, balcony cultivation area, water and fertilizer integration system area, and coconut peat cultivation area.
Space Seed Exhibition Hall
The hall showcases agricultural seeds from Bo’ao that have been sent into space, collectively known as the “Space Ten Brothers,” including Fu Tian Cai Xin, Hu Zhen Hei Pi Dong Gua, Gong Zhuang Jiang Jiao, Tang Xia Zi. In the right cabinet facing the entrance, different kinds of agricultural seeds from various fields are displayed to showcase the thriving development of agriculture in our country. The left science wall is fully displayed with the seed growth process captured by time-lapse photography.
Pet Paradise
In the Space Pet Paradise, there are lovely alpacas, strong De’bao Pony, cute goats, lightweight plum blossom deer, plain yellow cattle, as well as various parrots, squirrels, and beavers that are even bigger than cats.
Entertainment Facilities (Self-paid Project)
The Happy Land is equipped with 14 amusement rides that children love, such as pirate ships, self-controlled planes, mermaid boats, shark island battles, forest trains, music boxes, clown carousels, rotating horses, and heroic train rides. These rides are small and exquisite, bringing joy and safety, and are very suitable for families of all ages to play together.
12:00 【Lunch】
13:00 Zhonghai Hot Spring Resort
Room rate includes breakfast and dinner, as well as double entrance tickets to the hot spring and lake fishing (bring your own equipment, no time limit, and free to take away the catch).
The Hot Spring Tourist Resort is famous at home and abroad for its hot springs, cold springs, and waterfalls. Many literary figures have come here, including Su Dongpo, Yang Wanli, Qu Dacheng, and Song Xing. The great poet Su Dongpo was particularly fond of this spring water and once bathed here, enjoying himself so much that he forgot to return, and even composed a poem. “Bathing in the hot spring, drying hair under a waterfall, singing and returning home.” Therefore, this spring is also called the “Dongpo Hot Spring”.
The pure and unique hot spring water has a temperature of up to 70°C. It contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements and is of sodium bicarbonate type. Regular bathing can increase iron content in the body and has a significant skin beautifying and health-preserving effect due to its high calcium ion and magnesium ion content. The reputation of “No. 1 Hot Spring in the South” has lasted for more than 900 years. All guests who come to the hot spring can “bathe in the hot spring and feel the years”, allowing their body and mind to fully rest and relax.
17:30 【Dinner】
18:30 Return to the hotel and enjoy a carefree nightlife.
Day 2: Breakfast → Xuri Ancient Village → Lunch → Luofu Mountain Scenic Area → Dinner
09:00 【Breakfast】
10:30 Xuri Ancient Village (visit for about 1 hour)
【Xuri Ancient Village】is located at the foot of Luofu Mountain, 13:00 Lufu Mountain Scenic Area (Approximately 3 hours of sightseeing)
Historian Sima Qian compared Lufu Mountain to “Yue Shan,” so it has long been known as “the First Mountain of South China.” Located in Bao’an County, Guangdong Province, the scenic area boasts 432 small and large peaks, 980 waterfalls and springs, 18 cave and scenic spots, and 72 stone chambers and secluded caves.
[East Jiang River Long March Troops Memorial Hall] was completed and opened to the public in December 2003, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the East Jiang River Long March Troops. It has become another base for revolutionary tradition education and patriotic education.

[Chongyu Ancient Temple] was founded by Dongjin, a famous Daoist theorist, alchemist, chemist, and pharmacologist in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It is now over 1,600 years old.
17:00 [Dinner]
18:00 Return to the hotel and enjoy a carefree nightlife.
Day 3: Breakfast → Five Mines Haustat Town → Lunch → End of the Trip and Return Home
09:00 [Breakfast]
10:30 Five Mines Haustat Town (Approximately 1.5 hours of sightseeing)
Located in Huizhou, Haustat Town in Five Mines was modeled after the town of Hallstatt in Austria. It covers an area of nearly 1 million square meters and is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with a 170,000-square-meter natural lake nestled within. It perfectly integrates the distinctive Austrian architectural style and European cultural atmosphere into the natural landscape.
In the town center, there are cultural squares, music squares, beer squares, commercial pedestrian streets, lakefront trails, distinctive hotels, clubs, churches, and themed experience halls, among other charming facilities. 12:00 【Lunch】
13:30 Trip ends, drive back to your cozy home.

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