8-day tour of China, Qinghai, Gansu, Lanzhou, Xining, Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Feicui Lake, internet famous U-shaped highway, Mogao Caves, Jiayuguan, Mingsha Mountain Yueya Spring, and Zhangye Colorful Danxia Mountain

Day 1: Entry city – Lanzhou airport pick-up altitude: Lanzhou 1520m

Traveling to Lanzhou by plane; In the impression of many people, Lanzhou seems like a “remote place”. But in fact, he is not as desolate as you think. This building

In the northwest city, the Yellow River passes through the city, folk songs sing about the ups and downs of life, the fireworks in Dazhong Lane, the bonds in beef noodles, and the martial arts atmosphere of skewers of grilled meat… here

It can give you the first glance of passion in the northwest, and also take you into the magnificent fireworks of the northwest! If there is enough time, you can visit the Yellow River Mother Statue and water by yourself

Car Expo Park, Zhongshan Bridge, etc. In the evening, you can go to Zhengning Road Night Market, Lanzhou Nanguan Night Market, and Dazhong Lane Night Market to taste local cuisine on your own.

Lanzhou Airport – approximately 70km from Lanzhou City, driving for about 1-1.5 hours (excluding traffic congestion)

Lanzhou East Station – about 10 kilometers from Lanzhou urban area, driving for about 20 minutes (excluding traffic congestion)

Lanzhou West Station – about 9km from Lanzhou City, driving for about 20 minutes (excluding traffic congestion)

[Local Customer Service] The local pick-up staff should contact you one day in advance and inform the pick-up driver of their contact information. Please keep the reserved mobile phone number open;

[pick-up method] The airport/station manager will call you again to confirm the arrival time of the flight/train and the pick-up method; Please bring your personal belongings before leaving the station

[check-in method] After the driver takes you to the hotel, please present your ID card and name at the front desk to check-in (some hotels require self payment of a deposit)

According to international practice, the hotel check-in time is after 12:00 pm on the same day. If you encounter a room that has not been cleared upon arrival, it is recommended to check in your luggage at the front desk and then proceed with the check-in

Wait at the event or in the lobby.

Recommendation: Gansu Provincial Museum Expert Lecture/City CITYWALK – Human Fireworks and Gas (please contact the registration office)

Note: The pick-up is a rolling pick-up, which may take about 10-30 minutes to wait. Please understand

Reminder: Stay at the Olympic Sports Ruyi Liujing Hotel and enjoy the warm service of a star rated hotel with a rich buffet breakfast, free temperature controlled swimming pool and swimsuit. Meals are not included this day | Recommended food: beef noodles, grey beans, cold skin, hand grazed mutton, stir fried calf meat, milk and egg mash]

Accommodation in Lanzhou: Olympic Sports Ruyi Liujing/Lanzhou Liyi/Haihong Holiday/Longxin or Lanzhou New Area Airport Flower Sea/Ruiling International/Yueman/Vienna/Same level Hotel


Day 2: Lanzhou → Qinghai Lake (about 400km, about 5H) → Chaka Town (about 150km, about 2.5H) Altitude: Qinghai Lake 3100 Chaka 3060

Special recommendation: Today, be sure to taste the sumptuous breakfast of the Olympic Sports Ruyi Liujing Hotel. There are a wide variety of options, so everyone can set off after a full meal.

Today you will transform into a romantic singer from the West Sea

In that distant place, there are people singing the love song of the West Sea, countless times for Yi; Someone is leaning against the green mountains and facing the sea, waiting for the next warm spring flowers

Open. At sunset by the lake, when the horsehead fiddle is played, who would be so excited to sing a song here?

Where will you be going today——

Departing from the hotel at 07:30, take a bus to Qinghai Lake, passing through the “throat of Haizang” (Huangyuan Canyon), crossing the “Sun and Moon Mountains”, and passing through the “Daotang River”

12: Arrive at the restaurant at 30 and enjoy Chinese food

14: 00 [Qinghai Lake Erlang Sword] (including a large ticket, about 2 hours of sightseeing), the largest saltwater lake in inland China, known as the pearl of the plateau, with a gentle breeze blowing over it

Ripples rolled up on the surface of the lake, the lake in front of me, and the snow capped mountains in the distance. I could only slow down my pace to capture the beauty.

16: Take a car at 30 to Chaka Town

19: Arrange dinner at 00

20: Stay at the hotel at 00 and rest

19: Dinner at 00, stay at the hotel and rest

Catering [Breakfast: Hotel] [Chinese cuisine: Self service] [Dinner: Health preserving special soup pot]

Accommodation Tea Card: Jinhengji Hotel/Dongchen Hotel/Jintian Century Hotel or equivalent (hotel diffused oxygen supply)

Day 3: Chaka Sky Realm → Sunset on Feicui Lake in Dachaidan (400km, approximately 5H) Altitude: 3148m on Feicui Lake

Today you will transform into a wandering poet

If there is anything more touching than scenery, it may be the words of a poet. When the most beautiful words encounter the best scenery, everything becomes beautiful.

What kind of surprise would you have on your social media when you meet such a beautiful scenery?

Where will you be going today——

At 08:00, take a car to Chaka Salt Lake and visit the “Chaka Sky Mirror” (including tickets, tour takes about 3 hours; voluntary consumption of small train one-way 50/round-trip 100,

Electric scooter 10), surrounded by snow capped mountains, the calm lake reflects beautiful and intoxicating sky scenery like a mirror, and is known as the “Mirror of China’s Sky”. Strolling on the lake is like walking on clouds, with water reflecting the sky and the sky touching the ground. Walking between the lakes is like swimming in the Chaka Salt Lake in a painting


12: Arrive at the restaurant at 00 and enjoy Chinese food

13: Take a car at 00 to Dachaidan

17: 30 Visits to the Jade Lake in Dachaidan (including tickets, tour takes about 2.5 hours, voluntary consumption of shuttle bus for 60 days; complimentary 15S-30S collective aerial photography)

(Short video), this is a emerald green “lake in the lake”. Every afternoon at dusk, you can arrive at the lakeside when the sunlight is very strong

I saw the emerald lake shimmering in the sunlight, reflecting the blue sky along the small lake surface.

20: Enjoy dinner at 00 and stay at the hotel to rest

Reminder: The Feicui Lake aerial photography is a collective gift project, which will be taken at point 4 in the hinterland of the scenic area. It is recommended to purchase and take a shuttle bus to arrive by yourself

Catering [Breakfast: Breakfast] [Chinese cuisine: Self service] [Dinner: Qinghai Kang Guo Lamb Chop]

Accommodation in Dachaidan: Haoyu Hotel/Xinjin Hotel/Yunhai Tianqu Hotel/Fengzhiyun Hotel/Hotel of the same level

Day 4: Dachaidan → Internet famous U-shaped highway (about 90km, about 1h) → Water Yadan (about 130km, about 1.5) → Dunhuang (about 490km, about 5.5h)

Altitude: U-shaped highway 2980m, water Yadan 2750m, Dunhuang 1139m

Today you will transform into a photographer from Tibet

In the depths of the plateau in the northwest, it feels as if you have come to an ancient world, as if you have walked to a paradise on earth, using your eternal and unchanging colors; Let me slowly and attentively savor

Taste this pure Tiffany Blue and feel the poetry and distance of the Northwest.

Where will you be going today——

At 07:00, take a car to Wusute Water Yadan and depart along National Highway 315. Along the way, there are various Yadan groups on both sides of the road, passing through Qinghai Province

The “Blood of the Earth” at milestone 757 of Chaidan 315 National Highway is a dry and red riverbed, known as the “Internet famous U-shaped Highway” (public)

Considering road safety, the government stipulates that parking is not allowed on this section of the road. You can see the road connected to the horizon, which is very shocking. The photos taken are absolutely amazing

Yes, it’s a blockbuster.

10: 00 Visit to Usut Water Yadan (including tickets, approximately 2.5 hours, voluntary consumption of 60 round-trip shuttle buses), Usut Water Yadan Geological Park

The park is a unique geological and geomorphological feature of the Yadan on water. Due to the uplift of the Jinar Lake, the Yadan Group on the northern edge is gradually submerged, forming a unique water landscape

Yadan, magical and mysterious. Currently, there are very few people who have been there, and the scenic area is also very large. You don’t have to worry about overcrowding, you can enjoy it to your heart’s content,

Take your time exploring. In the scenic area, from the morning glow to the sunset, everything feels like a dream. The sunlight shines on the water’s elegant Dan, with a golden color, stone pillars, and reflections

I feel like I’m in mid air, like a floating magical castle.

12: Arrive at the restaurant at 30 and enjoy Chinese food

14: 00 Visit [East Taijiner Lake] (about 45 minutes). China’s Maldives is not in Hainan, nor in the the Xisha Islands, but in Qinghai

Dongtai Jinai Lake! With this lake, you can take stunning photos of the blue sky and seaside without having to go to the Maldives.

15: Take a car to Dunhuang at 00 and visit the Southern Eight Immortals Yadan, also known as Haixi Yadan Devil City; There is also a beautiful name called Nan Baxian, which is for Ji

Eight female geological explorers who sacrificed themselves here during the early days of liberation. Crossing through uninhabited areas and reaching the hinterland of Haixi Yadan, the strong wind is howling with the wind and sand,

Eyes are covered in bald hills, with no grass growing, like demons ravaging this place, forming the largest wind eroded soil forest group discovered in China to date.

20: Arrive at Dunhuang for dinner at 30 and stay at the hotel to rest

Catering [Breakfast: Hotel] [Chinese cuisine: Self service] [Dinner: Shazhou Millennium Banquet]

Accommodation in Dunhuang: Lanshanmu Hotel Hot Spring Hotel/Shazhou Jinhua Hotel/Dunhuang Luye Hotel/Tianhe Hotel/Hotels of the same level

Day 5: Dunhuang → Mogao Grottoes (25km, approximately 0.5H) → Mingsha Mountain Yueya Spring (28km, approximately 0.5H) Altitude: Mogao Grottoes 1320m; Mingsha Mountain 1715m

Today you will transform into the guardian of Dunhuang

To the north is the Yumen Pass, where the spring breeze never blows. To the south is the Yangguan Pass, where there are no old friends. Legends intersect in Dunhuang

The place. Heart Xu Dunhuang, lifelong watchful. They devoted their entire lives to guarding the Mogao Caves, guarding them without worries and protecting their safety. Actually, each of us

They are the children of Dunhuang, responsible for guarding the Mogao Caves.

Where will you be going today——

At 08:00, take a bus to visit Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring (tour time is about 3.5 hours), named after the sound of sand movement. If encountering friction and vibration, it will make a loud noise

Light as silk and bamboo, heavy as thunder. Therefore, the clear sound of Shaling is one of the “Eight Scenic Spots” in Dunhuang. Yueya Spring is surrounded by Mingsha Mountain due to its

Named after its shape resembling a crescent moon, it has been one of the Eight Scenic Spots in Dunhuang since the Han Dynasty.

12: Arrive at the restaurant at 00 and enjoy Chinese food

13: Take a bus to visit the Mogao Grottoes (B ticket includes interval, tour time is about 2.5 hours). The Mogao Grottoes are the longest, largest, and most abundant in the world

The richest cultural treasure of Buddhist art, with colorful cave murals, various Buddhist scripture stories, mountain and river scenery, and pavilions and towers

Architectural paintings, landscape paintings, floral patterns, flying Buddha statues, and various scenes of production by the laboring people at that time, etc

During the peak season and peak season of Dunhuang tourism, if the team participating in Dunhuang is unable to visit the Mogao Grottoes, they will switch to visiting the sister grottoes of the Mogao Grottoes《

West Thousand Buddha Cave or Yulin Cave, etc., ticket price difference will be refunded on-site

18: Stay at the hotel at 00 and rest

[Warm reminder about Mogao Grottoes]

  1. The the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang scenic spot adopts the real name system for appointment.
  2. The new policy for Mogao Grottoes stipulates that only A-class normal visiting tickets will be issued in the early stage, and B-class tickets will only be issued after the A-class ticket inventory (6000 tickets per day) is sold out!
  3. This itinerary includes B-class tickets for Mogao Caves. If B-class emergency tickets are not available, our company can only book A-class normal visit tickets for tourists. Tourists need to pay 138 yuan per person in advance

Price difference, thank you for your cooperation [A-class normal ticket (2 digital movies+visiting 8 caves); B-class emergency ticket (visiting 4 caves)]

  1. The ticket price for ticket B is 100 yuan per person per trip (90 yuan for Mogao Grottoes+10 yuan for round-trip transportation to and from Mogao Grottoes). Mogao Grottoes tickets are reserved in order of the signing time of the order

Therefore, within the same group, there may be discrepancies in the appointment time for visiting the Mogao Grottoes, or some members may have emergency tickets, or even some may not have tickets. Team visit time will also be available

Strictly follow the scheduled sessions of Mogao Grottoes. The order of attractions in Dunhuang for two days will be adjusted according to the appointment time of Mogao Grottoes or different arrangements for group guests

Interpersonal tour, please cooperate. Catering [Breakfast: Hotel] [Lunch: Donkey Meat and Yellow Noodles] [Dinner: Self service]

Accommodation in Dunhuang: Lanshanmu Hotel Hot Spring Hotel/Shazhou Jinhua Hotel/Dunhuang Luye Hotel/Tianhe Hotel/or equivalent hotels

Day 6: Dunhuang → Son of the Earth | Unbounded → (about 120km, about 1.5H) → Jiayuguan (about 280km, about 3.5H) → Zhangye (about 200km, about 2.5H)

Altitude: Jiayuguan 1640m, Zhangye 1480m

Today you will transform into a sculpture artist

A millet of heaven and earth, a star of the universe, every tiny life in the vast wasteland is so unique. The art of every plant and every tree can also be enhanced

Ignite the poetic atmosphere of life. The blooming flower of art in the desolate depths may give us more true meaning of art and life.

Where will you be going today——

07:30 Take a car to the Son of the Earth

At 09:00, visit “The Son of the Earth” (tour time is about 0.5 hours). The sculpture is mainly a 15 meter high 4.3 lying on the ground and falling asleep on the vast desert

A huge baby measuring 9 meters in width.

09:30 Visit “Mirage – Boundless” (tour time approximately 0.5 hours), which is the second edition of Professor Dong Shuping’s work in Dunhuang from Tsinghua University, known as “the ultimate art on the Gobi of Guazhou”. Extraordinary and extraordinary, subtly revealing a sense of nobility and excellence that is not associated with the turbid world. In the depths of time and space, the screen is restrained and refined

Qi, worry free and fearless. The Milky Way’s orbit above “Boundless” is stunning, romantic, profound, and distant, with smoke and dust filling the sky.

10: Take a car at 00 to Jiayuguan City

13: Arrive at Jiayuguan City at 30 and enjoy Chinese cuisine

14: 30 Visits to Jiayuguan City Tower (including tickets and electric scooters; tour time is about 2 hours); It is the westernmost pass of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, due to its terrain

Dangerous and majestic, the building is known as the “number one gateway in the world” and the “key to the border”.

16: Take a car at 30 to Zhangye

19: Arrive at the hotel at 00, check in and rest

Catering [Breakfast: Hotel] [Lunch: Jiayuguan Steamed chicken in casserole] [Dinner: Self care]

Accommodation in Zhangye: Colorful Hotel/Fulaton Hot Spring Holiday Hotel/Public Aviation Travel Qilian Pearl Hotel/Mingjiale Hotel/Oasis Holiday Hotel/Same level Hotel

Day 7: Zhangye Colorful Danxia → Menyuan (220km, 3H) → Lanzhou (380km, approximately 4.5H)

Altitude: Colorful Danxia 1850 Biandukou 3500m Qilian Grassland 2800-350m Lanzhou 1520m

Today you will transform into a free painter pursuing dreams

In order to embark on a romantic agreement, we arrived in Zhangye, a city where there is always a rainbow without rain; If life is only like the first sight, Xiashan

Who was stunned by its beauty? If you were a painter, what would Danxia look like under your pen?

Where will you be going today——

At 07:30, take a bus to visit Zhangye Colorful Danxia (including tickets and mandatory shuttle buses, with a tour time of about 2 hours). There are countless flowers in the world, which are not as beautiful as the Colorful Danxia

The thousand peaks and valleys fall into the mortal world, with colorful flames shining brightly. The Danxia landform in Zhangye boasts a magnificent momentum, spectacular scenes, unique shapes, and colorful scenery

It is colorful, not only possessing the uniqueness and danger of ordinary Danxia, but also more beautiful than color, forming a colorful fairy tale world.

10: Departing by car at 00, passing through Biandukou Rapeseed Flower Sea, Qilian Grassland, and Wanmu Rapeseed Flower Sea in Menyuan (Rapeseed flowering period usually starts in early July)

12: Arrive at Menyuan 【 Plateau Wonderland Ranch 】 at 30 (about 2 hours), experience the charm of the Qilian grassland, one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China

  1. Here, in addition to enjoying Chinese cuisine, you can also experience activities such as archery, ethnic costume photography, ethnic Guozhuang, ethnic song and dance performances, and more

Experience taking photos with calves, lambs, and Tibetan Mastiffs! Milk squeezing, making yogurt, stacking Mani love stones, stacking cow dung walls, grazing, riding luxury carriages, and other hidden treasures

The lifestyle of a traditional herder.

14: 30 to Lanzhou by car

19: 30 Stay at the hotel for rest

Thoughtful service: The 8-day 7-night itinerary is coming to an end, and we have specially prepared a thoughtful Northwest seasonal fruit plate when you check in at the hotel. Catering [Breakfast: Hotel] [Lunch: Snowy Mountain Grassland Welcome Banquet] [Dinner: Self care]

get accommodation

Lanzhou: Olympic Sports Ruyi Liujing/Lanzhou Liyi/Haihong Holiday/Longxin or Lanzhou New Area Airport Flower Sea/Ruiling International/Yueman/Vienna/Hotels of the same level

Xining: Kaibin International Hotel/Kunlun International Hotel/Jinding Licheng Hotel/Xining Yile Meiju Hotel/or equivalent hotels

Day 8: Lanzhou Departure City Altitude: Lanzhou 1520m

After breakfast, according to the flight schedule, the delivery team will arrange a vehicle to take you to Lanzhou Airport, ending your pleasant journey to the extreme. We look forward to our next appointment with you

16: Tourists who take off from Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport after 00 can apply for a VIP waiting station as a gift in advance, and inform the tour guide one day in advance (containing Yellow River text)

Hua, Great Wall culture, Silk Road culture, etc., various popular check-in points, high-end people’s spiritual relay stations, and gifts of Northwest specialty canned tea/three cannons/coffee/small


Catering [Breakfast: Hotel] [Lunch: Self care] [Dinner: Self care]

A cozy home for accommodation

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