5-day round-trip high-speed railway tour to Guizhou, China, including Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area, Baling River Bridge, Wanfeng Forest, and Maling River Grand Canyon

Day 1 Entry City>>>Guiyang>>Hotel
Ladies and gentlemen, please arrive at Shenzhen North Station on the same day according to the train schedule and take the high-speed rail (or transfer to Guangzhou South Station) to the picturesque mountains and rivers, with beautiful natural scenery,
Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province with a long history, numerous cultural relics, and the reputation of being a “forest city”, is taken by a driver to Qingyan Ancient Town for sightseeing
About 1.5 hours of free time) (including large tickets to Qingyan Ancient Town. There is a Taoist temple burning incense and praying activity in the ancient town, which is a voluntary participation project within the scenic area. Please consider your personal preferences
Due to cautious participation in religious beliefs and economic conditions, Qingyan Ancient Town is a national AAAAA level tourist area. The ancient town was built in the first year of the Ming Hongwu era (1378) and is known for its high density
It is renowned both domestically and internationally for its collection of ancient architectural complexes, well preserved ancient dwellings, and rich historical and cultural atmosphere. It is also the filming location for the movie “Gun Hunt”. Back front
Check in at the hotel.
Reminder: Please pay attention to personal and property safety during free activities. On the same day, the tour guide will notify you of the next day’s travel time and precautions by text message or phone
Please keep your phone unobstructed.

Day 2 Hotel>>>Wanfenglin>>Fenglin Buyi Village
After breakfast, take a bus to the national scenic area of Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area – Xifeng Forest (excluding electric scooters, 50 yuan/person, must be consumed, please take care of yourself) for sightseeing
The landscape of Xifeng Forest: characterized by a high-altitude karst mountain formation, with continuous peaks extending like a military formation. On the west side of the dam, you can see a forest of peaks with various postures,
The peaks are either connected or interrupted, scattered and majestic, pleasing to the eye. The entire peak forest rises from an altitude of over 2000 meters to the edge of the plateau and the north bank of Wanfeng Lake
The east bank of Huangni River unfolds in a fan-shaped pattern, winding and extending to places such as Anlong and Zhenfeng. Under the Wanfeng Forest by the riverbank, the rural scenery is particularly beautiful, surrounded by peaks
The green trees are leaning against it, the river is like a jade belt, and there are thousands of hectares of fertile land, among which the Chinese Bagua field is even more unique. Flowers bloom in spring, wheat waves roll in summer, rice fragrance in autumn, and winter
The leaves of the bamboo are green. This scenery fully showcases the unique style of “numerous mountains and clouds”. Place yourself in a secluded paradise, and then head to the Fenglin Buyi Village (excluding
Electric scooter round-trip costs 20 yuan/person; The Fenglin Buyi Scenic Area is located in Xingyi City, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China. It is a cultural heritage of the Buyi ethnic group
A tourist attraction with a natural landscape as its theme. The scenic area is located in a typical conical karst region of the world, with various shapes such as isolated peaks, stalagmites, stalagmites, funnels, and karst caves inside
The geological landscape of the state. At the same time, the scenic area is centered around “water” and combines natural ecology with the Buyi people’s way of living by mountains and water. A 600 square meter building has been built along the mountain
Yudong Buyi ethnic group’s various forms of residential buildings and supporting buildings, Fenglin Buyi Scenic Area is a collection of cultural experiences, ecological sightseeing, tourism vacation, health and wellness
A Bouyei themed cultural and leisure resort area that integrates. Go to the hotel for check-in after the tour. After finishing, take the car to Xingyi to check into the hotel.

Day 3 Hotel>>Maling River>>Baling River Bridge
After breakfast, take a car to the national scenic area of Malinghe Canyon (excluding elevators, 40 yuan/person, tour takes about 2 hours), where there is a view that looks like a crack in the ground,
The Ma Ling River, also known as the “Heavenly Gully”, is named after the presence of Ma Bie Da Zhai and Ma Ling Zhai on both sides. The Ma Ling River Canyon is intertwined with clusters of waterfalls, with a majestic and sharp momentum
The steep cone-shaped peaks are densely clustered, and among the peaks and forests on both sides, there are also cultural landscapes such as ancient temples, bridges, battlefields, and post roads, full of the charm and mystery of ancient wilderness
Deep colors. Tianxing Gallery is the core part of the essence of the canyon scenic spot. It forms its main landscape features with a grand waterfall group and rock page wall hanging, which can be called a
Absolutely. Traveling by car to the Baling River Bridge is located in the Huangguoshu Tourist Area of Anshun City, with a total length of 2237 meters. It is one of the few bridges in China that can be accessed for driving
The super engineering bridge for tourism and sightseeing is also the world’s first mountain canyon spanning bridge with a kilometer level span! Including [Bridge Sightseeing] In addition to sightseeing and gaining insights, it also
A place where you can easily create a large area, if you miss this place, you will definitely cry! Walking through the sightseeing passage gives you a feeling of entering the time tunnel, and those who are not afraid of heights can go down
Take a look, the shock of the blockbuster, don’t miss it! The Guizhou Bridge Museum is the largest bridge science and technology museum in Guizhou Province, showcasing the architecture of the Baling River Bridge
Cheng, technological innovation, and other famous high bridges in Guizhou. The Baling River Bridge belongs to the category of “museum bridge integration”, integrating “research and education, tourism and sightseeing”
National Canyon Bridge Research and Practice Education Base. Go to the hotel for check-in after the tour.

Day 4: Hotel – Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxing Bridge, Steep Slope Pond – Hotel
After breakfast at the hotel, take a car to the National 5A Tourist Attraction – Huangguoshu Scenic Area (about 2 hours by car), and enter by taking an environmentally friendly car from the scenic area
Scenic area (excluding environmentally friendly vehicles, 50 yuan/person; excluding scenic area insurance, 10 yuan/person. Please take care of yourself); Visit the steep slope pond, known as the widest waterfall in China
Waterfall (about 30 minutes of sightseeing) is also a scenic spot where Tang Monk and his disciples walked by during the filming of the end of Journey to the West; Afterwards, it is known as the karst water stone forest
The Tianxing Bridge Scenic Area (about 1 hour tour) is a karst landscape that combines mountains, water, forests, caves, rocks, waterfalls, trees, roots, and vines
Landscape, known as the “karst fairy tale world”; Go to the largest waterfall in Asia – Huangguoshu Waterfall (tour takes about 2 hours, excluding round-trip transportation)
The waterfall is 77.8 meters high and 101 meters wide, with a cost of 50 yuan per person for escalators and 30 yuan per person for one-way escalators, which are not mandatory self funded projects. Walking into the waterfall itself is already
It’s heart wrenching, my soul has flown away, and I have to walk through the waterfall, which is truly terrifying. When I reach Huangguoshu Waterfall and step into the Water Curtain Cave, I can truly appreciate it
Appreciating the grandeur and grandeur of Huangguoshu Waterfall will be a great joy in life. After the tour, take a car back to Anshun, and after dinner, check into a hotel to rest.

Day 5: Hotel>>>Qianlingshan Park>>Guiyang North/East>>Guangzhou South/Shenzhen North, including breakfast and accommodation: Warm Home
After breakfast at the hotel, take a car back to Guiyang and head to Qianling Mountain Park, the first mountain in southern Guizhou (a complimentary attraction): Qianling Mountain Park is located in the northwest corner of Guiyang City, due to
Qianling Mountain, known as the “number one mountain in southern Guizhou”, is named after it. In the quiet valley of the park, there is a zoo, clear springs and strange rocks that can be seen everywhere, and groups of spirit monkeys
Birds inhabit here, and there are also national treasures such as pandas. There are also preserved relics of the Quaternary glacial period on the mountain. During the Ming Dynasty, Guizhou was established as a province, and Buddhism was introduced along with it. It has been passed down for hundreds of years
Gradually forming a strong Buddhist culture, it has become a major spiritual connotation of Qianling Mountain. Due to its location in the center of the city, there is not only a secular religious pursuit here, but also,
At the same time, there is also a noisy atmosphere of fireworks, which is a combination of secular noise and religious sanctity. Due to the abundance of monkeys in the scenic area, please take good care of your children and personal belongings
Be free to give food to avoid scratching Evacuate to Guiyang North Station and take a high-speed train back to the departing city.
Reference train number: Guiyang North – Departure City!

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