7-day tour in Sichuan, Chengdu, Daocheng Yading, Maobiliang, Siguniang Mountain, Danba, Shuangqiaogou, Yajiang, Tagong Grassland, Haizishan, and Mugecuo, China

Day 1: Entry City – Chengdu

▶ Entry city gathering: Head to the leisure city of Chengdu, arrive at Chengdu Airport, pick up the hotel by car, and check in at the hotel.

Recommended locations for free activities:

【 Dongjiao Memory 】 Originally known as the “East District Music Park”, it is a new type of tourist attraction that combines industrial heritage protection with cultural and creative industries. Here, you can take photos and take photos of the office buildings, red brick factories, locomotives, and railway tracks built with assistance from the former Soviet Union, creating a strong visual impact and a strong sense of nostalgia. There are often various music performances and art exhibitions in the scenic area, and the cafes, bookstores, bars, etc. in the park are also worth visiting!

If you come to Chengdu, of course, you need to take a look at the unforgettable panda butt. This is IFS Square, where cute pandas lie on the rooftop, adding fun to the business district. There is an elevator next to the shopping mall that can directly go up to the 7th floor, where you can take selfies with this climbing giant panda and occasionally see celebrities.

Kuanzhai Alley is the only ancient street left over from the Qing Dynasty in Chengdu. It is composed of three parallel urban old streets, Kuanzhai Alley, Zhai Alley, and Jing Alley, as well as a quadrangle community between them. Kuanzhai Alley is not wide, and Zhai Alley is not narrow. This is the business card of Chengdu, the “most Chengdu” lifestyle, carrying the beautiful memories of old Chengdu. It is inclusive, calm, leisurely, and comfortable, and tells the world of the vicissitudes of old Chengdu. It also reflects the saying – Chengdu is a place where you don’t want to leave once you come.

Kind reminder:

  1. To ensure that the staff can contact you, please ensure that your phone remains on and pay attention to answering calls and receiving/replying to text messages after getting off the phone;

Our company has provided a single shuttle service from the airport/train station to the hotel. Please turn on the car promptly after leaving the station. If our pick-up driver does not contact you in time, please pay attention to calling the phone number provided by the previous day’s fleet to proactively contact the pick-up driver. Temporary stops are only allowed at the exit (train stations do not allow stops), and you need to walk to the assembly point to board the car; Thank you for your cooperation and understanding! Inquire with local travel agency staff for details.

Special statement: If the pick-up vehicle cannot arrive at the station in a timely manner due to the early arrival of the guest’s flight or train, please understand; Our society will try our best to coordinate and arrange vehicles to arrive as soon as possible. If guests are in a hurry, we suggest that they take a taxi first and bear the cost themselves. However, if waiting is caused by this, our company cannot bear any compensation responsibility. Please understand!

  1. Upon arrival at the hotel, please report the guest’s name and collect the room. The room card deposit should be paid and refunded at the front desk; Thank you for your understanding. When checking out the next day, please pack all your luggage and do not forget it inside the hotel.
  2. There are no itinerary arrangements for this day, excluding meals, tour guide services, and other transportation arrangements; After arriving at the hotel, please arrange your own activities according to the time; Our tour guide will notify tomorrow’s gathering time by phone around 21:00 (there may be a delay in the evening flight), and there is no tour guide service available on this day; In any case, please dial the 7 * 24-hour emergency contact phone number.

Day 2: Chengdu – Maobi Bridge – Siguniang Mountain – Danba/Bamei

▶ Morning: Depart from the gathering place (subject to the time notified by the car driver), go up along the Minjiang River, pass through Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Zipingpu Water Conservancy Project Duwen Expressway to Yingxiu, and feel the scene along the way after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, “the earth shakes, the mountains collapse and the earth crack, and the sea changes”. Then go out from Yingxiu to Gengda Township and go along Wolong Gorge to enjoy the beautiful scenery of small bridges, flowing water, withered vines, and old trees in the valley, and then cross the [Balang Mountain] tunnel to view the sea of clouds, Yingshan red, red and white azaleas, pineapple, alpine meadow, etc; Observing the vertical changes of plants from evergreen broad-leaved forests to alpine deserts, and experiencing the meteorological changes of “one mountain, four seasons, ten miles of different days”.

▶ Noon: After dinner, visit [Shuangqiao Ditch] (sightseeing bus costs 70 yuan/person), watch Yinyang Valley, Wuse Mountain, Sun Moon Mirror, Ginseng fruit Ping, Seabuckthorn Forest Plank Road, Chasing Fish Dam, Hunter Peak, Niupengzi, Niuxin Mountain, Ajia Mountain, Yeren Peak, etc; The Shuangqiaogou Scenic Area is open and flat, with a concentration of scenic spots, and the entire journey is open to traffic. The valley is mainly dominated by mountain scenery, with dozens of peaks at an altitude of 5000 meters distributed along the 216 square kilometers of the valley. Together with the mountain streams, it resembles a slowly unfolding landscape gallery. There are also rare thousand year old primitive sea buckthorn forests and flat and wide alpine meadows distributed in the ditch. In summer, various flowers are clustered in it, fragrant for miles. Strolling through it, it feels like being in a fairyland, and then heading to Danba.

▶ Evening: Check in at Danba/Bamei Hotel after dinner.

Day 3: Danba/Bamei – Moshi Park – Xindu Bridge – Yajiang – Litang – Daocheng

▶ Morning: 6:00 AM, pack early and enjoy a complimentary trip to Bermuda, Bamei, China. The Ghost Blowing Lantern Shooting Location – Ink Stone Park Scenic Area is a complimentary attraction. If you are unable to visit due to special reasons such as weather, traffic congestion, or traffic control, the cost will not be refunded and there will be no equivalent exchange. Touring (self care, sightseeing car costs 20 yuan/person, must be consumed), entering the Ink Stone Park, it is said that when Princess Zhum of King Gesar was playing here, she accidentally dropped a scarf and fell on the land where King Gesar had fought, turning into the Kama River, nourishing this stone forest and the local people. The stone forest contains calcium salts and is affected by air humidity. In the dry season, it appears light gray and light blue, while in the wet season, it appears dark brown. It is also known as the color changing stone forest. After passing through the characteristic grasslands of the Tibetan region – the Tagong Grassland, which costs 20 yuan per person for cleaning, one can enjoy the scenery of the Tagong Grassland, experience the rich Tibetan Lama culture, and gaze at the snow capped Yala Snow Mountain (also known as the Muya God Mountain) all year round. They reach the photography paradise – Xindu Bridge, and then climb over the Gorsi Mountain at an altitude of 4412 meters. Along the way, they can enjoy the grasslands, mountains and rivers, and the natural scenery of the plateau’s clouds and mist. Located at an altitude of 2900 meters in the hinterland of the Kangba region, Yajiang, a small county town in Kangba, is situated by the Yalong River. Standing on the ancient Tea Horse Road, it has accumulated a rich cultural landscape of Kangba. Therefore, it is known as the “First County of the Shangri La Cultural Tourism Circle in China” and the “First Crossing of the Tea Horse Ancient Road”. About 30 kilometers away from the county seat, there is still a unique custom of Kangba walking marriage in Tibet. Continuing to climb over two large mountains, Jianziwan Mountain, with an altitude of 4659 meters, is one of the highest mountain passes on National Highway 318 passing through the Kangba area. Take a panoramic view of thousands of mountains and valleys, and appreciate the ancient charm of the Tea Horse Road. Kaara Mountain has an altitude of 4718 meters, and due to its high altitude, trees are even rarer, mainly in alpine meadows. Looking at the mountains here, there are layers of peaks, each layer further away and each layer lighter in color, all the way to the horizon, it feels like walking on the ‘Heavenly Road’.

▶ Afternoon: After lunch, we arrived at Litang, the Pearl of the Plateau and the World High City, at an altitude of 4014 meters. It is a place with beautiful scenery, outstanding people, and a beautiful land, known as the “Chinese High City, Holy Land of Snowy Regions, and Pearl of Grassland”. The car views the scenery of the Maoya Grassland, then climbs over the rabbit shaped Rabbit Mountain and passes through the largest ancient ice relic on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, known as the “Daocheng Ancient Ice Cap” and the Haizi Mountain Nature Reserve, with an average altitude of about 4500 meters. The car then travels to the Sangdui Snow Plateau Service Center (Gaoyuan Tourism Knowledge Promotion Point) for 20-30 minutes to learn about plateau prevention knowledge. The high-altitude service station sells cold resistant clothing, oxygen, or anti high altitude drugs, and staff get in the car to explain high altitude sickness knowledge. This place is not a shopping store, and this behavior is not related to travel agencies. Please be aware in advance and arrive in Daocheng County (formerly known as Daoba, meaning valley mouth). Open land)

▶ Evening: Check in at the Daocheng Hotel after dinner. Kind reminder: Today’s itinerary is quite tight and the travel time is long. If you mind, please choose carefully!

Day 4: Daocheng Yading Scenic Area Riva

▶ Morning: After breakfast at 6:00, take a bus from your accommodation to reach the Yading Scenic Area. Transfer to the scenic bus at the tourist reception center (120 yuan/person self care) and arrive at the Yading Scenic Area (more than 30 kilometers, 1.5 hours by car). Get off the bus and walk 500 meters directly to Chonggu Temple to enjoy the scenery of Chonggu Temple and the sacred mountain “Xiannairi” (meaning Guanyin Bodhisattva, with an altitude of 6023 meters). Afterwards, pay respects to the Zhuomalacuo Shenhu (1.5 kilometers one-way from the Pearl Sea). The morning is the best time to shoot the reflection of Zhuomalacuo Zhongxianairi, and then return to Chonggu Temple by the same route.

▶ Noon: After Chinese food (self service), tourists can take an electric scooter (round-trip 70, one-way 40) at their own expense to the Luorong Cattle Farm (walk for about 1-2 hours to reach the Luorong Cattle Farm). This is the best place to observe the Shano Duoji Mountain (meaning Diamond Hand Bodhisattva, with an altitude of 5958 meters) and the Yangmai Yong Mountain (meaning Golden Manjushri Bodhisattva, with an altitude of 5958 meters), where you can admire wildlife, alpine azaleas, snow capped forests, glaciers, lakes, and rivers, and experience the natural beauty of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. Let the sacred mountains and waters resonate with the heart, and indulge in the dreamland to the fullest. Return to Zhaguanbang on the original road and take a sightseeing bus out of the scenic area.

▶ Evening: Check in at the Riva Hotel after dinner. In the evening, a gift will be given to enter the Tibetan Song and Dance Evening Party (this party will open on April 1st, and gift items will be given. In case of special circumstances where the gift cannot be given or voluntarily given up, there is no need for no refund or exchange)

[Special Statement]: If you wish to pay respects to the Five Colored Sea and the Milk Sea, these two attractions are not included in the itinerary of the travel agency. If you need to visit them, you must sign a written agreement, and the cost and safety are not related to the travel agency. If you visit the Five Colored Sea and Milk Sea on the same day, you may not have time to visit the Pearl Sea scenic spots. Due to the impact of ice and snow weather, the road is frozen. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, the area will be closed and no entry will be allowed from November 16, 2023 to April 15, 2024!

[Kind reminder]:

  1. The journey from Luorong Cattle Farm to Wuse Manatee Milk Sea is long and the altitude is very high, which requires high physical fitness. It is not recommended to go there.
  2. The caravan is operated by locals, and the travel agency is not responsible for any disputes or complaints regarding fees and service levels. Please clarify the cost and service details before making a purchase.
  3. When riding a horse, please wear gloves and pay attention to safety. It must be led by a groom before riding. The weather in the scenic area is unpredictable, please prepare rain gear.
  4. As dining is not available in the Yading scenic area, please take care of your own Chinese food. Guests can bring their own dry rations in advance.

Day 5: Riwa Daocheng Litang Yajiang Xindu Bridge

▶ Morning: After breakfast, go to Kangba Folk Culture Village to experience the unique Tibetan cuisine – Guoaxi Tutao Tibetan Fragrant Chicken Banquet (a complimentary item, no refund required, special reminder: this special meal has been changed to a regular group meal due to closure from November 15th to March 31st in winter). Warm reminder: There are Tibetans selling local handicrafts in the Folk Culture Village, please choose carefully. After passing through Sangdui Town by car, the red grassland (note: the red grassland is a seasonal landscape, and can only be seen here from the end of September to the beginning of October each year), combined with the yellowing birch trees behind in autumn, is reflected in the pond, which is a beautiful scenery introduced in many books. Afterwards, climb over the ancient glacier ruins of Haizi Mountain to reach Litang.

▶ Evening: Arrive at Yajiang or Xinduqiao, and after dinner, check into a hotel to rest.

Day 6: Yajiang/Xindu Bridge Mugecuo Chengdu

▶ Morning: After breakfast, cross the first level of Kangba – Zheduo Mountain (at an altitude of 4298 meters), and then head to the “Gift Attraction: Kangding Love Song Mugecuo Scenic Area”. Take the Kangding Love Song (Mugecuo) Scenic Area sightseeing bus, which costs 90 yuan per person. Visit the Kangding Love Song (Mugecuo) Scenic Area, which is 17 kilometers away from Kangding County and has an altitude of 2800-3780 meters. It is a national 4A scenic area and an important part of Gongga Mountain National Scenic Area. The scenic area consists of Mugecuo Holy Lake, Dujuan Gorge, Yaochi Boiling Spring, Qise Sea, Fangcaoping and other attractions. The scenery of Mugecuo Lake changes day by day, and in the morning, the flat and boundless lake surface is as quiet as a mirror, reflecting snow peaks and mountains; In the afternoon, the waves rolled and the sound of the waves shook the valley like thunder; In the evening, as the sun sets westward, the lake surface shines brilliantly with golden light. The lake water, which alternates between motion and stillness, undergoes countless changes every day. Here, you can also enjoy wonderful mountain views such as “Tiger Crouching on the Mountain” and “Guanyin Zhenhai”. In different seasons, you can also enjoy the wonders of clouds, mist, rosy clouds, and water such as “Double Mist Falling into the Sea”, “Muge Sunset”, “Muge Rising Tide”, and Diepu Feiquan; You can enjoy the pleasure of sand bathing and sunbathing at Pearl Beach. You can enjoy the pleasure of sand bathing and sunbathing on the seaside, and take a boat in the lake (the boat costs 66 yuan/person, and tourists can self pay to take the tour according to their own situation). Qise Sea is a plateau lake where lake water and hot springs blend together. Dujuan Gorge is the corridor of Mugecuo Scenic Area, with dozens of medicinal pools and boiling springs. The scenic area is mainly characterized by high mountain lakes and hot springs, integrating primitive forests, grasslands, and snow capped mountains, complementing each other, creating a primitive, ancient, and tranquil natural scenery. Mugecuo Holy Lake is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in northwest Sichuan. The entire scenic area is mainly characterized by Holy Lake, hot springs, snow capped mountains, grasslands, colorful forests, and waterfalls. A primitive and tranquil natural scenery makes people feel like they are in the “Fairyland of Yaochi”. After leaving the scenic area, they return to Chengdu via Ya’an to end their happy journey.

▶ Afternoon: Arriving in Chengdu to end a pleasant journey.

Kind reminder:

Due to road maintenance, some sections of the road are subject to traffic control, which may cause delays in returning to Chengdu due to traffic congestion. It is recommended to book a return trip for heavy traffic the next day to avoid unnecessary losses.

Day 7: Chengdu, an Outbound City

▶ After breakfast, you can arrange free activities according to the flight schedule, take the flight back to the departure city, and end the pleasant journey!

Kind reminder:

  1. Tourists are advised to take their personal luggage with them to avoid unnecessary losses caused by loss! Please check out in advance and arrange your own activities (please pay attention to the hotel check-out time to avoid unnecessary losses, and leave the gift package at the front desk before going out). Please follow the airport guidelines to complete the check-in procedures on your own.
  2. The hotel check-out time is before 12:00 noon. Luggage can be left at the front desk for free movement. If the check-out time is exceeded, please bear the expenses incurred!

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