6 days tour to four province of South China, including Hunan, Hubei, Chongqing, Guizhou province,experience the high-speed railway of China .

Four provinces connected tour!
Fanjing Mountain, Phoenix Ancient City, Zhuoshui Ancient Town, Pingshan Grand Canyon
——Six day high-speed rail tour

Essence Scenic Spot [Fanjing Mountain] – world natural heritage, 5A level scenic spot, world famous mountain Guizhou Fanjing Mountain, feel the uncanny workmanship of nature, and feel the Buddhist and Taoist culture.
The Pingshan Grand Canyon is known as the “Eastern Immortal Bena and the Floating Noah’s Ark”.

Phoenix Ancient City – a national historical and cultural city, a national AAAA level scenic spot, and the most beautiful small city in China.
Liping Qiaojie – a national 4A level scenic spot, a famous historical and cultural street in China, and the location of the Liping Conference venue.

【 Tujia Daughter City 】 – There is a saying that “men in the world have no two hearts, and the number one daughter city in the world”. The night blind date of daughters in the city is a major highlight of the Daughter City.
Zhuoshui Ancient Town – a national 5A level scenic spot with a thousand years of history, is the most famous ancient town in southeastern Chongqing.

Puhua Hidden River – a national AAAA level scenic spot and a geological wonder in the western region.
Specialty cuisine ★ Qianjiang chicken offal – Tasting authentic local specialty dishes in Qianjiang, known as municipal intangible cultural heritage cuisine.

★ Shaping Bowls of Wine – a traditional custom in Enshi, experiencing the heroic and genuine emotions of the Tujia people.
★ Selenium Rich Banquet – a gift from the nature of Enshi Selenium City, providing nutrition, health preservation, and delicious food.
★ Xuan’en Roasted Live Fish – Exclusive secret recipe with a local flavor.
★ Canyon Style Banquet – Taste the unique cuisine of the canyon.
★ Blood Cake Duck – the classic of Phoenix cuisine and the top ten famous dishes in Phoenix.
Selected Hotels ★ Tongren City – Designated stay at Wyndham or Wanshan Holiday, Ctrip Five Diamond Luxury Hotel in Tongren City.
★ Qianjiang – Stay one night at Hilton Huanpeng Hotel in Qianjiang and review Ctrip Four Diamond Hotel online.
★ Enshi – Enshi selects one night at Huameida or Hualongcheng hotels, Ctrip Four Diamond Hotel, and sighs at the exquisite sleep.
★ Xuan En – Stay in Jinjiang Capital/Jinyuan International for one night, with a selection of five and four diamonds/hotels.
★ Phoenix Ancient City – One night at Jiangjing, take the Four Diamond Inn and stroll around the Phoenix Ancient City within walking distance.

Must go scenic transportation: Fanjing Mountain round-trip cableway+environmental protection vehicle+insurance+Puhua hidden river scenic transportation+urban grand canyon scenic transportation+Shubuya stone forest scenic transportation+Pingshan grand canyon transfer bus+boat ticket+insurance+Phoenix ancient city shuttle bus+tour guide service fee=499 yuan/person
(This item is a mandatory consumption item, of the same size and price. Please deliver it to the local tour guide after landing. Refusal to pay will be considered as automatic abandonment of the itinerary, and the travel contract will be invalidated and deemed as departure.)

【 Ten seconds for you to understand the itinerary 】
Overview of itinerary
Time itinerary, catering and accommodation included in scenic spots
On the first day, Shenzhen North Guangzhou South Congjiang Station Liping Qiaojie Tongren City
The next day, Fanjing Mountain – Zhuoshui Ancient Town Morning/Chinese Cuisine Qianjiang
On the third day, Puhua Hidden River – Urban Grand Canyon – Alice Manor – Tujia Daughter City Morning/Midnight/Dinner Enshi
The fourth day Specialty Supermarket – Sobuya Shilin – Xuanen Morning/Lunch/Dinner
On the fifth day, Pingshan Grand Canyon – Phoenix Ancient City Morning/Midday/Dinner – Phoenix Ancient City
Day 6 Phoenix Ancient City – Warm Home Breakfast Warm Home

DAY No.1: Congjiang Station>>Liping Qiaojie>>Tongren
At the designated time, head to Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou Province (second class high-speed train, about 4 hours drive, reference time: 8:00-10:30), arrive at Congjiang Station around

14:00, and the tour guide will pick up the group.
Then drive to Liping Qiaojie (about 60 minutes of sightseeing) Qiaojie, also known as Dongmen Street, is a historical and cultural street of the Long March in Liping County, which still has a relatively intact Ming and Qing architectural complex. The site of the Liping Conference, the Central Red Army Instructor, the Central Red Army Cadre Rehabilitation Company, the residence of Li Debo Gu Kaifeng, and the former site of the Red Army Mass Assembly are all located in the ancient architectural complex of the Ming and Qing dynasties in Qiaojie. Famous attractions in the Qiaojie Scenic Area include the Liping Conference Site, Liping Conference Memorial Hall, Mao Zedong’s Residence, the former site of the National Bank of the Soviet Republic of China, the former site of the Central Red Army Cadre Rehabilitation Company, the former site of the Central Instructor, the former site of the Red Army’s mass conference, the Gospel Hall, the Dacheng Hall of the Confucian Temple, and the Lianghu Guild Hall.
After the trip ends, check in at the hotel in Tongren City (about 4 hours by car) before departure.

Breakfast: Self care Lunch: Self care Dinner: Self care Accommodation: Tongren

DAY No.2: Fanjing Mountain>>>Zhuoshui Ancient Town
After breakfast, take a car to Fanjing Mountain (about 1.5 hours by car, about 3 hours for sightseeing, included in the scenic package). After entering the scenic area, take a sightseeing bus along the Heiwan River to enjoy the scenery along the way to Yu’ao, overlooking the dense forests of the canyon, the sea of flowers and trees, and jumping through the forests to dance with the Guizhou golden monkeys, crossing the cloud sea mountains and forests. Visit the primeval forest and climb the Golden Summit, a Buddhist destination that reaches a height of 94 meters.

Visiting cliff carvings, climbing on iron chains to the spiritual palace platform, threading through the heart stones, crossing the Cihang Bridge, worshiping Guanyin Grottoes, crossing the Golden Blade Gorge, and climbing to the Golden Summit. Shakyamuni Temple worships the present Buddha, crosses the Heavenly Immortal Bridge, Maitreya Temple worships the future Buddha, and reaches the summit of the Golden Summit at an altitude of 2336, overlooking the small mountains; Go to the Mushroom Stone Scenic Area and admire the iconic scenery of Mount Fanjing – Mushroom Stone. Jingshan is the most unique landmark in Guizhou. It is the Lingshan Mountain in southern Guizhou, an ecological kingdom, a scenic spot, and a pure land. It is a return to simplicity, a pleasant place to nourish the body and mind, and a natural oxygen bar that is fascinating and fascinating

Then depart for Zhuoshui Ancient Town in Qianjiang, Chongqing (a national 5A level scenic spot, about 4 hours by car). Located in Zhuoshui Town, Qianjiang District, Chongqing, it emerged in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song Dynasty, and gradually declined after the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is one of the most famous ancient towns in the southeast of Chongqing. Zhuoshui Ancient Town, as a typical old street in the old city of Chongqing, has a relatively complete layout of streets and alleys, with a strong pattern of ancient towns in southeast Chongqing, which not only reflects. The difference between Ehe and other historical districts in cities also carries the integration, inheritance, and innovation of Ba culture, Tujia culture, and Han culture. At the same time, dock culture, merchant culture, and town culture are intertwined. The buildings on both sides of the street, including Shanghao, residential buildings, guilds, and schools, are all made of wooden structures. They are stilted buildings, some are quadrangle courtyards, and others are arranged in a staggered manner, creating a unique charm. Between the residential buildings are sealed fire walls with exquisite brushstrokes, with exquisite wood carvings on the window flowers and exquisite stone carvings on the ground. Walking on the street feels like being in a hall of diverse ethnic cultures.
After the game, go to the hotel to rest.
Breakfast: including lunch: including dinner: excluding accommodation: Qianjiang

DAY No.3: Puhua Hidden River>>Urban Grand Canyon>>Alice Manor>>Daughter’s City
After breakfast, head to the Puhua Hidden River (about 30 minutes by car, 1 hour of play time, included in the Jingjiao must be consumed package) located in Qianjiang District, Chongqing. It is situated on the lower road of the Yuxiang Zhuoshui Interchange, and the Jingzhuoshui Ancient Town is about 3 kilometers away from the Puhua Hidden River. The hidden river is over 1 kilometer long and is a key point for tourism along the Apeng River. The scenic area is a western geological wonder that combines a 2-kilometer underground river, three 150 meter high natural water bridges, a 10 kilometer primitive canyon, and over 1000 square meters of red blood karst caves.
After the visit, head to the Urban Grand Canyon (about 40 minutes by car, about 1 hour visit time, included in the scenic and must be consumed package). The Urban Grand Canyon (formerly Balahu) is located in the center of the three major urban clusters of Qianjiang, Xincheng Zhoubai, and Zhengyang, representing the landscape and culture of Qianjiang. The highest elevation of the peaks on both sides of the canyon is over 1100 meters, belonging to karst landforms. It spans 7 geological epochs and is 10 kilometers long, covering an area of 723 hectares. The average depth of the canyon is 200 meters, and the deepest drop is up to 500 meters. Integrating scenic areas such as mountains, water, gorges, caves, pavilions, temples, and Guanyin statues, this place is known as the “most spiritual place in China” by tourists.

Then proceed to Alice’s Manor (about 40 minutes by car and 1 hour of visit), a national 4A level tourist attraction located in Fengjia Street, Qianjiang District, Chongqing. It is situated within the “0 line” tourism loop of the Apeng River waterfront, Balahu 4A scenic area, and Zhuoshui 5A scenic area, and is a key project of the Apeng River Basin leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration zone. The project covers an area of over 800 acres and has introduced the management team of Lady Jin to implement a refined management model for operation and management, aiming to turn Alice Manor into a romantic theme park with an integrated cultural and tourism tourism model.

Then depart for Enshi 【 Tujia Daughter City 】 (about 2.5 hours by car, about 1 hour for sightseeing) located in Qiliping, Enshi City, Hubei Province. It is a national Tujia cultural gathering place, as well as an urban entertainment and consumption center and tourism hub in the Wuling area. There is a saying in ancient times that “men in the world have no two hearts, and daughters are the first city in the world”! Daughter’s City includes over 300 small commodities, over 500 charming inns, over 30 specialty restaurants, over 40 delicious snacks, 8000 square meters of landscape lawn, 10000 square meters of comprehensive sports center, and the country’s first indoor scene theater – Daughter’s City Grand Theater. At the same time, it also has the most famous folk blind date activity – Daughter’s Fair (where local ethnic minorities place silver jewelry and other items, please be cautious in consumption), fully experiencing and experiencing the witchcraft and Nuo culture of the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups, as well as the handmade inheritance skills of ethnic minorities.

(Reminder: In clear weather, the government will organize a blind date for daughters and a large-scale Tujia girl wedding program. The viewing time is 7:30 pm (organized by the government, whether to perform or not depends on the actual situation). Please understand!)!
Breakfast: including lunch: including dinner: including accommodation: Enshi

DAY No.4: Specialty Supermarket>>Sobuya Stone Forest>>Xuan’en
After breakfast, head to the local specialty supermarket (about 30 minutes by car from the hotel, with a visit time of about 90-120 minutes): Experience and learn about the selenium local specialty of Enshi, and appreciate the local cultural atmosphere. Enshi is currently the only independently discovered selenium deposit location in the world, with the highest selenium mineral reserves. It is the region with the most abundant natural biological selenium resources in the world and is known as the world’s first natural selenium rich biosphere. It is the only city in the world that has been awarded the title of World Selenium Capital, with the richest display and experience areas for selenium rich products. Tourists can freely choose Enshi’s selenium rich local products. The local specialty supermarket belongs to the local government’s promotion of benefiting the people and allowing more tourists to learn about Enshi selenium culture. There is a selenium specialty display area inside, where you can choose some local specialties and give them back to family and friends. It is not a shopping store and is not mandatory to consume.

After the visit, take a car to the Suobuya Stone Forest Scenic Area (a national AAAA level scenic spot, about 1.5 hours away from the city by car, including the scenic transportation package): located in Taiyanghe Township, Enshi City, its vegetation ranks first among the national stone forests. The scenic area has no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer, with good vegetation, abundant animal resources, and charming natural scenery. Known as a “natural oxygen bar” and “crown stone forest”, it is a national Ordovician limestone crown stone forest with a total area of 21 square kilometers, belonging to a typical karst landform. Tourist attractions such as Lotus Village, Rhinoceros Gully, and Mozi Gully, the entire Stone Forest Scenic Area resembles a huge gourd, surrounded by lush green screens, peaks competing, and strange rocks scattered throughout the forest, with various shapes. Some are graceful and varied, some are majestic and majestic, some are like eagles gazing at the moon, some look like fairies looking back, some are like dragons fighting tigers, and some are like lotus flowers blossoming.

After the trip ends, head to Xuan’en County and check into a hotel upon arrival. At night, you can go to the Gongshui River by yourself to enjoy the dreamy music fountain evening party on both sides.
Breakfast: including lunch: including dinner: including accommodation: Xuan’en

DAY No.5: Pingshan Grand Canyon>>Phoenix Ancient City
After breakfast, take a car to the popular check-in destination in China, the Pingshan Grand Canyon (about 2.5 hours by car, 3 hours by tour, included in the scenic package). It is located in Hefeng County, Hubei Province. The surrounding cliffs are suspended, the canyon is deep, the water is clear, and the streams surround it, resembling a fairyland on earth, as if separated from another world. When you are in a scenic area, your boat is sailing in the clear river, cruising on the water surface of the canyon. A magical scene is presented before your eyes.

The boat floats on a transparent mirror, like a spaceship, floating on the water surface. The scene is like a poem or a painting, making people feel as if they are drunk. The soul is purified, and the body and mind are washed. You can’t help but marvel at how the world can have such a dreamlike fairyland. This magical scene has also made Pingshan Canyon famous all over the world, and its reputation has skyrocketed. The famous “Xianbena” in China is indeed worthy of its reputation, making people feel troubled and happy.

After the trip ends, depart for Phoenix Ancient City (about 4.5 hours by car) for a night tour of Phoenix Ancient City and enjoy the intoxicating scenery of both sides of the Tuo River. Night tour of the Tuo River – a must visit attraction that takes you through the millennium old Phoenix! It is the quaint Lala Ferry from “Border Town”, where “Cuicui” eagerly waits; It is the golden waterway of blood colored Xiangxi, with a thousand year history welcoming and sending; It is a necessary path for Shen Congwen to walk out of Xiangxi and accompany him to explore the ocean of literature; It is the dreamy water town where Huang Yongyu splashes ink and sings, and the dazzling brushes never forget to touch the Tuo River; It is a romantic and charming ten mile gallery in Phoenix Ancient City! Remember to let the upgraded Cuicui take you on a tour of the Tuojiang River in Phoenix… The Tuojiang River serves as a platform, the ancient city serves as a curtain, culture casts the soul, and technology empowers you. Enjoy a feast of perfect integration of light and shadow technology and Miao culture – the immersive art boat light and shadow show of Xiangjian · Tuojiang.
Breakfast: including lunch: including dinner: including accommodation: Phoenix Ancient City

DAY No.6: Phoenix Ancient City>>Phoenix Ancient City Station>>Departure Point
The beauty of visiting Phoenix lies in the night scenery of the Tuojiang River and the early morning of the Tuojiang River. After breakfast, visit the Phoenix Ancient City, which is known as the “most beautiful small city in China” (according to the notice from the Phoenix County Government, starting from April 10, 2016, tickets will not be required for entering the city. If there are temporary changes in local policies, tourists will need to pay for their own tickets to the ancient city. The scenic package is already included). Stroll along both sides of the Tuojiang River, admire the leisurely water of the Tuojiang River in Shen Congwen’s works, gracefully hang foot towers, and overlook the painter Huang Yongyu’s Cui Tower from afar.

Visit the most Xiangxi Folk Street, an ancient street that has witnessed a thousand years of profound historical and cultural precipitation, integrating leisure, entertainment, shopping and folk customs. Along the street, there are various folk crafts such as Miao tie dyeing, batik, silver decoration, cross stitch, embroidery, and many flavor snacks; Visit representative cultural and cultural heritage centers for Miao silverware, Xiong’s wax printing shop, Chen’s old brand ginger candy, A Niu blood cake duck, Wu Huahua’s tie dyeing shop, Wang Chun’s “Miao small shop” and many other craft and food shops.

Then take a car to Phoenix Ancient City Station (about 30 minutes by car), take the high-speed train back to your departing city, and end this joyful journey of four provinces!

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